WILTEX is a manufacturer's representative to the Electrical Utility Industry in South Texas. For over Thirty-Five years we have been serving Investor Owned Utilities, Cooperatives, Municipals and the Contract - Industrial markets with our superior manufacturers (listed to the right).

If you should have any question or would like literature on any of the manufactures that we represent, please let us know.

ALTURNAMATS - HDPE Mud Boards, that are durable

AMERON POLES Decorative Spun Cast Concrete Poles.

CYCLONE LIGHTING Decorative Street Lighting.

ERMCO Single and Three Phase Distribution Transformers both pad and pole type.

HASTINGS FIBER GLASS PRODUCTS - Hotline Safety Tools, Electronic Instruments and other tools for Line Work.

HUSKIE TOOLS - Precision Hydraulic Compression and Cutting Tools. Manual and Battery Operated.

POLARIS ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS - Aluminum and Copper set screw connectors.

R & M PLASTICS Guy Markers / Guards.

SALCO Steel and Aluminum Mast Arms.

SIEMENS - Medium Voltage / Bridges Electric - Power Switching and Interrupting Equipment up to 69 kV and 2000A.

UNION METAL - Lighting Poles for Area, Roadway, Sports, Decorative and Nostalgia.

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